Childhood obesity prevention

Childhood obesity prevention

Childhood obesity preventionChildhood obesity preventionChildhood obesity prevention

Giving back through life-changing experiences.


ICAP's Mission

Inner City Athletic Program's mission is to provide free athletic instruction and guidance to underserved, fostered, and disabled youth by stressing the importance of nutrition, exercise, and education with community involvement, in prevention of childhood obesity.

About Us


Our Program

Inner City Athletic Program is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization established in 2008, that serves at-risk  and underserved boys & girls ages 7 -14, who live in low-income communities. Bringing the awareness of health education, ways to decrease obesity, importance of exercise, good nutritional choices, self-esteem, self-confidence, and the ability to adjust to their environment. ICAP works in elementary schools, various recreational locations, special events, and conducts free instructional sports clinics. We provide  health education, nutritional and wellness presentations. We then stretch and provide physical activities. A free healthy lunch is provided and end our day with a free raffle of prizes. ICAP provides field trips exposing our youth to new experiences. High school students who volunteer earn community service credits for their school requirements. Pre & post-test are administered to track the increased knowledge learned.


Our Vision

ICAP want our youth to thrive, overcome adversity, help others, succeed in school, value diversity, demonstrate leadership, and participate in their own healthy lifestyles and futures. Working at various locations we provide basic fundamentals of sports, teamwork, respect for each other, personal and group responsibility. There is no fee for our youth and we are all-inclusive working with a very diverse population. We serve socio-economically disadvantaged communities addressing unhealthy behaviors. We want our youth to increase healthy behaviors, make better informed decisions, increase consumption of fruits & vegetables, decrease sugary drinks, as we provide an alternate. Physical activity is important for social, psychological, and emotional development of our youth. We chose our target population because 1 out of 3 children are overweight fueling the continuing epidemic of childhood obesity. The reasoning is that children of these ages are very impressionable and more willing to receive knowledge of, and participate in living healthy lifestyles.



Inner City Athletic Program has many community partnerships that provide shared resources and a shared vision of a safe, healthy, and thriving community. We partner with the District Attorney's Office through a crime prevention program leading our youth towards sports leagues instead of gangs and criminal activity. Working with the Success Agents through the US Attorney's office in elementary schools providing health awareness and physical activities. ICAP are recognized partners with Live Well San Diego. Some of our other partners are Say San Diego, Tickets For Kids, Wakeland Properties, San Diego Unified School District, YMCA, Ocean View Growing Grounds, Childhood Obesity Initiative, San Diego Accountable Community for Health, The STEAM Maker and many others. We partner with social service agencies, recreational facilities,  ICAP has the ability to set up within a limited space allowing us to provide services at unconventional spaces. We provide goals and objectives leading to positive outcomes and greater impact for improved physical literacy and increased healthy behaviors. These improved behaviors will be beneficial later as they grow, mature, and embrace life.


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